Mary Macintosh

In response to an earlier post on the hard-to-verify date and location of William Macintosh’s birth, I received a helpful email recently from Deirdre Grieve, a descendant of Macintosh whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year. Based upon her own genealogical research (and her mother’s 1970s correspondence with another Macintosh descendant), Deirdre has pointed me in the direction of William’s sister, Mary Macintosh (d. 1827). Mary is recorded as having married Alexander Falconer (1730–1802), a minister at Eddrachillis in Sutherland, in 1764. Together they had 12 children—William’s nephews and nieces. In order of birth they were Helen, Fairly, Barbara, Joanna, Mary, Anne, John, James, Alexander, James, George, and Lachlan.

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