Introducing Team Macintosh

After more than four years of working alone on this project, I am delighted to announce that I will be joined this summer by two undergraduate research assistants, Ophelia King and Lauren Muir. Ophelia and Lauren each secured highly competitive Department of Geography Placement Research Assistantships, funded by Royal Holloway’s Ignition Fund, that will allow them to work with me for three weeks.

Ophelia and Lauren will primarily be assisting me with the transcription of William Macintosh’s correspondence, particularly material that I photographed in Avignon in 2012. Our focus will fall on Macintosh’s time in Grenada and India with a view to understanding how his experiences of Caribbean politics shaped his engagement with India and the East India Company. Ophelia and Lauren are both joint-honours students, studying between the Department of Geography and the Department of Politics and International Relations.

Welcome, Ophelia and Lauren, to Team Macintosh!